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About Belli-buttons

Belli-buttons is a one-stop booth for your nerd product needs. Our main item is our 1-inch pin back buttons and we currently have over 1000 different designs from various genres and shows. We also have a wide variety of unique products from prints to our custom playing card decks to Original Children's card games (in partnership with Nomnivore games) where we focus on making more neurodivergent and accessible products for our customers. Our card games are great for any age group and also very neurodivergent friendly. Our poker card decks now all come with braille patterns that give the option of inclusivity for blind individuals. With reasonable prices, you also don't need to break your wallet to take home a special item that represents your current obsession. 

What do we make?
Main Items:
  • Buttons: I have over 1000 different buttons I drew from various series/games/shows
  • Custom poker card decks: Parody of Super Smash, Fire Emblem, Kirby, and Guilty Gear (coming summer 2024). Original animal RPG classed-themed deck. Most of our decks also include Braille patterns for accessibility for blind individuals.
  • Original Children's card game: 
    • Snack attack: ADHD and Dxylexia-friendly game for everyone. Hoard all the snacks and sabotage your friend's snacks! (Braille included / Age 5+)
    • Dungeons and Dinos: Also accessibility and Neurodivergent friendly dungeon crawling card game.
  • Enamel pins: a collection of original and fanart enamel pins
  • Vinyl stickers: a collection of both original and fanart stickers
  • Bookmarks/Prints
  • Washi/clear tapes
  • Card wallets
  • Original children's storybooks


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